Our services

Passion, expertise, certified reliability.

Technology, precision and innovation are the keywords in our trade. That’s why we have a modern factory, a new pantograph, CNC punching and bending, mechanical machining, a painting department and an assembly department. All crucial elements that allow us to promptly satisfy your every need.

Integrated Monitoring and Management

All our final checks are recorded using specially designed TESA software, analysed and archived to ensure the continuous improvement of our production process. On request, we can provide dimensional compliance certificates with relative statistical values (average, max, min, range, CP and CPK values).

We rely on 2 powerful ERPs for the integrated management of all the resources involved in creating our products/services: LUXOR and Gamma Enterprise, which allow us to optimise the processes and the placement of company resources and the supply of goods and services, all with maximum effectiveness, to ensure we can promptly meet our customers’ needs. For design, we use MD3 by AMADA, the CAD for parametric 3D design, which allows us to design sheet metal parts with specific features to meet every requirement, no matter how specific.

By your side at every stage of production

From production based on the technical drawing provided through to the final inspection and testing, we ensure maximum precision, a guaranteed result and fast execution times.


Shearing of materials from a thickness of 1 mm up to a maximum of 15 mm, with machinery with a working capacity of up to 3000 mm. Custom notching can be carried out.


Our punching machine works on a field of 1250 x 5000 mm. It can cut iron from 0.6 to 6 mm and stainless steel up to 3 mm.


Machinery for plasma cutting or oxy cutting ranging from a minimum thickness of 1 mm to a maximum of 60 mm.


We have 3 press brakes at your disposal with a working capacity that ranges from a minimum of 1500 mm to a maximum of 6000 mm, with the possibility of bending up to 10 mm with a power of up to 220 tonnes.


10 welding stations equipped with the latest generation of FRONIUS welders. All our welding processes are covered by a WPQR and regulated by a WPS to offer MIG/MAG 135 welding processes that are repeatable over time with guaranteed reliability, carried out by RINA-certified personnel.


We guarantee every surface finishing request in line with the technical requirements of your project: painting, galvanising, polishing and sandblasting.


On request, we can provide a finished product complete with assembly and mounting, both with raw materials supplied by us and with parts supplied on account for manufacture.

Anthropomorphic Measuring Arm

We are equipped with a 6-axis Kreon Ace measuring arm with a measuring range of 3 metres, volumetric accuracy of 0.043 mm and point repeatability of 0.03 mm. This is the ideal system for guaranteeing maximum precision during our checks, even for extremely complex projects.

Universal Measuring Machine

We use this digital instrument to measure mechanical processing for our customers with a precision of 0.001 mm.


Customised base: among our various offerings, we also produce structures made of pipes and bent sheets, produced in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 procedures and built entirely in-house, thus ensuring rapid execution times and low costs.

Cabins for Special Vehicles: we also specialise in creating custom cabins in sheet metal and curved piping, ensuring that the product supplied is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.